What is Innovation?

Innovation is a frequently used term in today’s technology community and society in general. When colleagues use the term I sometimes ask what it means to them (I only do this in one-on-one […]

Technology Automation and the Middle Class

One of our greatest challenges in today’s society is responding to the impact of technology automation. Over the last decade, technology has increasingly displaced jobs resulting in a reduction of the middle class […]

2016 Winter Reading List

It’s that time of year to relax and reflect on the successes of 2016, and prepare for the opportunities that lie ahead in 2017. There are many good books to help recharge your […]

Reflections on Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has received a lot of press over the last few years, and the level of hype makes one suspect: is there something to this or is it another trend that doesn’t […]

Solving the IT Security Riddle

Establishing and maintaining effective IT security controls continues to be a riddle that many organizations are challenged to solve. Let’s face it, protecting company data is almost impossible given the ubiquity of technology […]

The Missing Ingredient in IT Transformation

It’s no secret today’s IT landscape has become significantly more complex as organizations strive to satisfy business demands. The race to provide data for informed decision-making (big data), build applications to provide anywhere […]

Thoughtful Bits #4

Thoughtful bits is a monthly summary of technologies and solutions that may have an significant impact on business or society. My hope is this information will help you understand the possibilities of what […]

A Thoughtful Winter Reading List…

Are you researching good books to read? There is so much content out there and no easy way to find what’s interesting and relevant. The intent of this post is to share suggestions […]

Insights Into Cloud Computing

If your inbox, LinkedIn updates or Twitter feed is anything like mine the majority of content you receive touts some aspect of cloud computing – adoption trends, merits of hybrid cloud, etc. I’m […]

Complexity – The Silent Challenge (Part 2 of 2)

In a previous post (Complexity – The Silent Challenge Part 1) I shared thoughts on the challenges of complexity and its impact on delivering business value. The objective of this post is to provide […]