I often get questions regarding wireless communication ranging from how does it work to what does LTE mean. Terms such as LTE (Long Term Evolution), 3G, and 4G are often used but not clearly defined for the non-technical. I ran across an infographic that does a good job explaining LTE in simple terms. The infographic was developed by RootMetrics and sourced from visual.ly  (BTW, visual.ly is a good site for developing content to tell a story – the best way to engage and inform an audience.)

Back to the topic at hand, LTE. This 4G (Fourth Generation) technology facilitates the connection between your mobile device and the cellular network. It uses available frequencies more efficiently and better leverages technologies such as the antenna in your mobile phone to increase network connection speeds. That’s an overly simplistic description of a complicated technology.

The next generation of this technology is LTE Advanced which will continue the 4G evolution by further increasing throughput (download 1gbps – theoretical) and decreasing latency (5ms). LTE Advanced deployments have already begun in South Korea and will most likely begin in the U.S. within the next 2-3 years.

Without further ado the LTE infographic. I hope you find value!


Posted by Karl

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