Innovation is a frequently used term in today’s technology community and society in general. When colleagues use the term I sometimes ask what it means to them (I only do this in one-on-one situations). My intent is to learn how others perceive innovation because it’s a relative term. It’s equivalent to defining what’s cool. What’s cool to me is not cool to my thirteen year old daughter.

I can’t define innovation but I can share how I believe innovation is achieved. Innovation results when a deep understanding of a problem (relevance) is combined with a great knowledge of technology to produce a simple solution that is accessible by a mass community.

I won’t elaborate on these points because they are self-explanatory. The key is solving a real problem (or addressing pent up demand) in the most simplistic manner. Simplicity is the secret sauce! I’ve stated in previous blog posts that simplicity is hard, and it is.

I hope this makes you think more deeply about innovation and focus on simplicity when solving hard problems.

Posted by Karl

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