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Innovative IT Transformation

Over the last few years leaders have come to the realization that technology is essential to business success and should be used as a strategic weapon. This is without a doubt the right […]

Technology Enlightenment

I read an interesting article the other day that concluded with a statement that is so relevant: “Blindly deciding that IT be substituted for humans is unenlightened. IT is not a magic potion that […]

Interested in Improving Your Mobile Experience?

Mobile services have become vital to our productivity and staying connected with those we care about. There are many tools available to help with delivering the best possible mobile experience. One such tool, […]

LTE Explained

I often get questions regarding wireless communication ranging from how does it work to what does LTE mean. Terms such as LTE (Long Term Evolution), 3G, and 4G are often used but not […]

Infrastructure Reading Recommendation…

From time to time I’ll share reading recommendations to highlight key technology concepts. These recommendations will be technology related, not product related. I believe it’s important to thoroughly understand the technology before focusing […]

Driving better business outcomes

If you are like me you are becoming numb to the constant technology hype. There are so many development languages, database systems, storage options, security products, cloud services, etc. I appreciate technology as […]